Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monsterism Series - DAIKUK

Did a repaint of a piece i've drawn in 2008. You can view the 2008 version here: Of course, I prefer the current version. It also shows me how much i have improved.

The Story:
100 years ago, a cluster of some unknown meteors flew into the Ekriex creating a huge explosion. The chemicals from the explosion spread quickly throughout the known land, leaving no chance for anybody to isolate the spreading. The chemicals caused many to be contaminated with a strange disease.
Many people were killed as a result of the chemical contamination. Yet, not all of them perish in the disaster. A good number of them miraculously survived. These people find themselves possessing amazing powers and strange abilities; able to transform into ferocious war beasts at will.

Daikuk was one of them. Daikuk was having fun with his sister by the sea when the explosion occurs. It happened so fast that nobody was sure what was going on. Daikuk and his sister caught the disease but he had managed survived. His sister, however, slept into a coma.

Earnestly seeking for a cure to bring his sister back to life, Daikuk uses his new found powers and his human experience and combat skills as a naval specialist, began searching for an antidote. He soon realizes that he is not alone in his search.

Daikuk find himself caught in a war between two sides. On one side is the Fellowship of the Dime, they come together to seek a cure that can bring many back to life. They, however, were met with great resistance from a group of ambitious organization network, called Stromdread, who wishes to use their new found powers for far greater uses. That is, to dominate and subject the inhabitants of Ekriex to their ruling.

With these two groups fighting each other, this battle is no longer a private matter. Daikuk faces tremendous task ahead. With his new found friends, he worked hard at finding the cure and pushing back the tides of darkness that is to come.


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