Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Special - A Gift For Everyone~!

Sometime ago I did a commission for WEworkz Co-operative.

I did the lineart and design; Colors by the creative members of WEworkz's!

Its an organisation that was launched in March 2008, facilitated by the South West Community Development Council (CDC) and supported by the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF). The aim of WEworkz is to encourage and empower Singaporean women, especially the more vulnerable, who are unable to commit to full-time employment due to their family priorities or circumstances, to engage in home-based economic activities. The Co-operative provides training and business opportunities that fit the members’ personal skills and interests.

This year's Christmas, they have come up with their latest Christmas Special, offering items mostly hand-made by our women at prices up to 50% off the usual retail price!

Do check out their "Christmas Special - A Gift For Everyone" @ their website or head down to the stalls to get them~!

Christmas Special Locations & Periods:

Location 1 – PaTH @ VivoCity (3rd floor, opposite Food Republic)
Promotional Period:
5 Dec 09 (Sat) and 6 Dec 09 (Sun)
12 Dec 09 (Sat) and 13 Dec 09 (Sun)
19 Dec 09 (Sat) to 24 Dec 09 (Thu) - Daily

Location 2 - IKEA Tampines, Level 2 (near escalator landing)
Promotional Period:
4 Dec 09 (Fri) to 6 Dec 09 (Sun)
11 Dec 09 (Fri) to 13 Dec 09 (Sun)
18 Dec 09 (Fri) to 24 Dec 09 (Thu) - Daily

Best Regards,
Joshua Tay
Concept Illustrator

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