Saturday, June 27, 2009

For the Month of April - June 09

Hi Guys,

Well, I thought since I haven’t been posting much artworks so perhaps I should write something. First off, my apology for not updating my side notes for what have I been doing on the monthly basis. I took up some studies and had to focus on it for quite a while. Since April, due to the tight schedules and assigments, I have to leave my artworks and writings aside for a while. However, as you have seen in my previous post, for the past few months I have still been trying to produce some new creative stuffs.

Alright, here's an update.

Together with Animation & Illustration Ministry, we have set up at booth at the Marketplace SME Fiesta to sell some of our products. It’s a new thing, but we learnt a lot from it and gain exposure for the ministry. We have also ended our Illuminate Animation competition 09. It was not easy but we are glad that all ends well. The AIM are currently planning more stuffs out, of which I shall not reveal it for now.

The Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club, which I also belongs to, is also coming out with their own stuffs. They are in the process of producing a second anthology. This time round they hope to produce more manga. I will be contributing a manga too, hopefully, it can be completed by end of July. I think its going to be exciting.

I have began painting and drawing. The "Beautiful Day" is one. Also, after much brainstorming, I have started working on Ah Mao. I’m please with the first and I’m in the process of creating more. I still have quite a number of stuffs I want to put it on paper, more to come.

The Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention is here in the month of August. I have been to the first convention and it was mind-blowing to see so many illustrators and designers coming to gether to show their awesome stuffs. This year will no doubt be even greater. There will be several others veteran artists and creators who will be speaking in this year’s STGCC conference. I will be atttending and I believe its going to be great!

Keep drawing and never stop dreaming!

Warm Regards,
Joshua Tay
Concept Artist + Illustrator
Josh Laboratorie

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