Monday, April 06, 2009

What I did in the month of March.

In March, I have recovered from fatigued. I also have began painting my concept art throught the night as normal. So I’m glad to start working again.

One of the best news I have received is to realize that there was a scheme for students who are interested in the art sector, to be educated and subsidized. Egg Story was one of the diploma course. Another good news was to know that a veteran artist, Feng Zhu, will be setting up a school right here in Singapore! Its a 1 year diploma in Entertainment Design. The kind of concept art school I have always wanted to go into. Its intensive and its only a year!

1) I have started visiting Youtube looking for sample videos of digital artist and concept artist hoping to learn something from there. I should perhaps have started this long ago. Anyway, I realize that it would be more useful if I purchase Gnomon Workshops.

2) I spoke with a friend and discuss with him about Ah Mao related stuff. After that conversation, I felt that its good to go back and do some work with Ah Mao since I’m stilll stuck with nowhere in my concept art. I began exploring for more inspiration and fuel to boost my passion.

I began to search for more inspiration to help me with Ah Mao. My search was not in vain. While searching for more of Benjamin Zhang’s works, I found Jidi’s. Jidi is an illustrator with a storytelling style. I find her words and panelling very impressive, expecially in the way she manages to capture the hearts of the audience. From her works, I felt encourage to continue Ah Mao.

3) I felt that to improve Ah Mao, I would need better Chinese to convey my message. I was glad to find a friend who is willing to help in this. I also realize that I enjoy composing chinese short sentences and phrases to convey a certain message, rather than writing a full length story. Still thinking of how I can implement it successfully. Perhaps, starting with book marks will be nice.

4) I have had some discussion with the AIM team to produce notebooks and small canvas for promotion of AIM. Its a great opportunity for me to explore other mediums, like canvas. I have submitted 3 art pieces and am really looking forward to it being produced.

5) Drew two concept arts and still trying to finished one painting.

I'm planning to submit artworks for more major competitions and entries like CG OverDrive, ExPose, Spectrum, etc. So as to boost my credibility and to push my bar higher. This is perhaps the one thing I felt would really help me to move forward.

Things are moving very slowly, but at least they are moving.

Warm Regards,
Joshua Tay
Concept Artist + Illustrator
Josh Laboratorie

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