Saturday, February 28, 2009

What I did in the month of January.

SOYA is over and I had a great time. It also gives me opportunities to make new friends.

Well, for the month of Jan. Its been pretty good. Just to keep track of what I did, I manage to do the following..

1) Set up a booth to showcase Art @ SOYA 09

2) Attended my 1st ever Portrait Day @ MAAD with the OIC - which allows me to get to know many illustrators in the field. Also, since I don't have a training in Fine Art, this gathering allows me to do some training.

3) If you have been following, I've just revamp my blog. It still seems to be missing out something, so will touch up on that.

4) Submitted a 3 page comics for a local bookstore, Popular, Comics Competition. Results was out on the 20th Feb. Although mine was rejected but I felt good that I've set it out to produce them. Its also my 1st serious attempt to create panel comics, other than Ahmao My desire also to create more comics this year!

5) I managed to paint at least 1 painting per week. (Although my initial target is to complete 3 proper hand drawn-cum-digitally painted pieces by the end of January. I realize that its not that easy; given the fact that ideas don't come quickly and when I'm so into details, completion takes a large amount of time... Nevertheless, I'll still attempt to do that this month.)

So there you have it.. the stuffs I did in the month January in order to make my dream of becoming a full-time illustrator a reality!

Thank you for reading! I'll be posting what I did for the month of February later.

Keep on working hard~! And keeping the faith of your dreams!

Do something everyday to reach your goal! Don't wait for tomorrow, Start TODAY!

Warm Regards,
Joshua Tay
Concept Artist + Illustrator
Josh Laboratorie

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