Sunday, January 04, 2009

4th January OIC Portrait Day @ MAAD

Hi fellas,

Yesterday, I had one of the longest and fastest doodling sessions with many outstanding local illustrators. Among them, there's Andrew aka Drewscape(Click!) and Michael aka Mindflyer(Click!). Both of them were real cool and hospitable. I enjoyed talking to them very much! Whoo~!

Overall, We spent about 5-6 hours sitting there just doodling people, with about 5 mins breaks in between. Some of whom I heard were regular "customers". One of the customer, a lady, bought my sketch. Yay! I manage to sell my first Sketch for 8 Bucks!! Not bad for a first timer huh?. Hah… Here are all the sketches I have drawn; I don't have the sketch of the one sold and I also didn’t manage to get a pic of the lady who bought it. ><)!

All sketches are done within 15 mins on the spot. I used only pens to sketched directly, and for some, markers. I enjoyed quick sketches with markers!^^

an initial practice

Its not at all good in my opinion, I hope to improve further the next time round. No excuses!
What I had in mind was to use this opportunity to test out several mediums and also to get myself familiarize and confident using pens. It was a very good experience. I was switching styles here and there; testing them out to see how it would look. I like the colored 1st piece pretty much. Also I realize that this is perhaps the only time you get to "stare" at people without getting yourself into fights. Haha.. Actually, I have this tendency of staring at people and just feeling so amaze at that particular person. ^^

Drawing portraits gives me the opportunity to observe people and one of the things I’ve realize is that different artists produce different portraits. The difference is due to the style used by the artists and the personality of the artists themselves. So overall it was a heavenly good time!

If you're interested, join us in the month of February. Check out this space for updates >>> [link]

Keep Drawing~!!

Warm Regards,
Joshua Tay
Concept Artist + Illustrator
Josh Laboratorie

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