Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love Bettlebug Shoes~

Okay, this is not really news, I've bought this shoes some weeks ago, but I stil can't help saying that I love them~! This pair of shoes is not your typical shoes that you find, with rubbers and leathers. In fact this pair is more of a paper or kind of cardboard and I like it very much! Honestly, in Singapore I hardly can find any shoes that I fancy. One of the main reasons is their style and designs..

What I find from Bettlebug shoes is that they are unique and different. They are not eceptionally loud, but neither are they dull. I'm picky on shoes and clothes, that's why its a pleasant surprise to see local retails coming out with this line of shoes. ^^

You can check out the wonderful people @


Saturday, July 26, 2008

One practice a day, keep the creative block away...

Hi guys,

Few days ago, a horror strike me. My laptop, which was been sent for servicing has gone down again. The screen went black on me. o_O!!! Now I've an issue. I planned to participlate in the Mangaka'08 & NUS Graphite competition, now it seems like all is lost. I even completeded the lineart for Mangaka'08's theme. (T-T)...

I need to get a new laptop, thinking of gettting one next month. ^^ I hope...

Well, my drawing kaki, Benjamin, just got into NTU's Arts, Media and Design (AMD) course. Whoo~! Congradulations buddy~! I need to work harder too. ^^

So here's a recent drawing practice...

Another practice. Felt inspired to do a Warcraft version of this.. Wanted to try to play with some tones and shadows like Frank Millar's Sin City, but decided to leave it this way.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Art books Collections

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share with you all some of the favorite artbooks that I've kept for the last couple of years. I'm fanatics for books, especially colorful thick books! There's name for these people but I can't remeber what do they call them.. book-o-holics? Anyway, Here's my collection...
art books

Art book

Seen anything you fancy? Let me take you through some of them..

What you're looking at are some of the favorite manga that I love due to their brilliant illustrations. Whenever I wanted to start a new collection of manga, I'll tend to purchase those which I feel have a very strong illustrative dept. They also should contain storyboard that have strong substance. They may not be my style nor will help me much in any creative ways, but the fact that they are beautiful artworks will most certainly fuel my passion to pursue excellent artworks! ^^
1) At top of the manga is Hiroyuki Asada's Letter Bee(Purple cover), the first time I came across Mr.Asada's works was in Range Murata's Anthrology, Robot 1. Although, its only a few pages, but the choics of colos and the lines were simply captivating.
2)Next, it's Hiroki Yagami's Dear Boys Act II. I've been a fan of his for quite sometime now. I like the way he portray the basketball actions and, of course, the swarve guys and beautiful girls. But really, I'm quite a fan of the main character, Aikawa.
3)Next its Confidential Assasin Troops (CAT). I'm not sure how to spell his name in English, but he have a Deviant Art which he call himself Cellar(Check out here!) To be honest, I don't have a taste for war manga, however Cellar unique style of illustrations captures the moment wonderfully. His lines are rough yet they seem as though it was presented on purpose.
4) & 5) For the last two (Air Gear & Tenjo Tenge)is drawn by the famous Oh Great! mangaka, everyone knows that he drew ladies slender and sexy; with guys strong, tough and fearsome. His artworks has a strong impact on the reader, they are larger than life!


One of the latest collection which I'm fond of is the Witchblade: First Born(On the far right.) It was illustrated by some talented comics artist in the industry. The book also marks the coming of a new rising young artist by the name of Stjepan Šejic(Check out his stunning paintings here!)). His works are breathtaking! He makes me want to work harder~! ^^

Art Magazines

Besides, art books, I also collect art magazines. Some months ago, I feast my eyes on the ImaginFX, one of the, if not the most, comprehensive digital painting magazine guide ever on the newstand! It contains lots of tips and advices from top-notched digital painters and illlustrators to date. Well, as they often says if you want to rise like an eagle, you must certainly seek advice from them and spend time with them! One of the plus about this magazine is that, they don't just teach you how to draw and paint well, they offers you practical advice on how to become successful artist out there. Artists who get paid for their excellent hardwork! ^^

Art Magazines

Besides magazines and books, there is, of course, DVDs and VCDs. I've just gotten myself Samurai 7 which was way overdue, I had to push it to purchase artbooks you see.. =P. Anyway, Samurai 7 story was one of the best, I've come to watched.

So there you have it my favorite collection! I guess the number of artbooks I have will continue to increase.. As a matter of fact, I've just bought another Korean illustration book, titled Apple Vol. 1. Its a compilation of Korea's leading illustrators and comic-artists. I was thrilled by the first looks of it! Whoo~!

I hope that mine will be amongst them soon. ^^


Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Past, Present and Future...

I really like one of the script in Kungfu Panda, spoken by Master Wu Gui:
"Why worry about the past when you can't change a single bit, Why worry about the future which has yet to come. But be content with the Now; because its only the Now that is a gift from God and that's why its call, Present.."

Okay, I forget how Master Wugui put all that nicely, but he did say something like that(before he turn petals... o_O!!)

Thank God for Script writers!

Please be sure to check out the World of Ah Mao(Click here!) every week for latest updates. You can also send your opinions to pureprojext(at) to let Ah Mao know how you feel. Show him some love people... ^^

Thank you for your support!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The World of Ah Mao offically LAUNCH!

Finally, after months of brainstorming, working out on the details of 'The World of Ah Mao', I'm happy to announce the launch of Ah Mao! Ah Mao, a gentle-loving character I've created who live in a Kampung community. He's amaze with the beautiful world and hopes to share it with others. Come join him on his journey as he reflects upon the simple little things in life.

Please visit :

Thank you for your support! ^^


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Facial practice.

Back in my office on Sunday. Although I hate to miss cgm but its another day for me to sit down and draw with no distraction whatsoever.

The previous post I mentioned that I was working. That day I worked till 07:30AM. After that, instead of heading home to sleep, I went to DRAW! with Benjamin, my drawing Khaki! ^^ Its actually a commitment Ben and myself set to do, that is to come out to draw alternatively on a Saturday morning. However, since both of us aren't free on Saturday we chose to draw on Friday instead. It was tiring but I have had a wonderful time. I managed to learn how to perfect my facial features. I"m so grateful to have a friend like Benjamin who is as serious and passionate of drawing as I do. I really think that we need to have a passion in what we do. We need to love what we do!^^

I'm into my 3rd lessons in the M.A.G.E. course, so have to keep on practicing on my face sketches. I want to make full use of this period of time to perfect and get use to drawing my own style of face. I'm currently using a Cartridge exercise book by A'Zone for sketches; its my first time using it and its great! I love it! However, I was not able to scan the works properly. Apologised for that.

Thanks to Ben for critic my works.! ^^


Friday, July 04, 2008

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention Aftermath

Hello guys,

The time is 02:19AM. I'm at work; did some drawing, my back hurts, so thought of ranting a bit.

First off, STCC was awesome!(Sorry, I've no photos to show, coz the convention was too jam-packed with people! However, fret not! Check out Sonny's Livejournal for a glimsp! Click here! and here!) For the first time, I saw the IFS, Sonny Liew, Ken Foo and many other notable designers, particularly, Simone Legno of TokiDoki. You cannot imagine the crowd, its overwhelming! I went for the last day(Sunday) and was so thrilled by, well, everything! The booth of TokiDoki was so packed with fans with cameras and t-shirts which they bought to have Simone sign of it. You should have seen to queue. o_O!

Next stop, The Imaginary Friends Studio! With an event such as this; how could I miss taking a peek at the IFS? I was pacing around their booth watching Artgerm signing autographs, while Kunkkha and Kai stood watching. Although I wanted to go forward to say something, I don't know where to start. What should I say? "Gosh~ Kai, your paintings are so awesome!"? C'mon! (-_-)" However, I got to speak to Sonny. He's all smiling while painting something on the Mac. Haha..

Overall it was an enjoyable event, besides I was hanging around with my 'Sifu' Travis and Shawn!(Although, I lost them after I excuse myself to make a phone call. (><)!!...)

Oh, I also caught up at Zemotion & Noah's booth but they weren't there. Some ladies were selling their prints. For those of you who have absolutely no idea who Zemtion (aka Jingna) is. She is Singapore National Air-Rifle sportswoman; at the same time she is also an international professional artistc photographer. Check out her astounding shots here ^^

Noah, is another fantastic artist of whom I admire and look up to very much. (See here!) I was hoping that he might published an artbook, but there's only his prints. Hopefully, Noah will consider publish his very own indivdual artbook.

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008 was great! I hope that they will organise another and bigger convention next year. Hopefully, Micheal Lau will be here next year.

Enough talk, time to get back to my sketchbook. Meeting Ben for doodles tomorrow(or rather later) at 8:30AM. I'll be sleeping like a log after Friday.

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