Friday, October 03, 2008

The Edge Logo Competition


It's been quite a while since I update.. Alright Some updates here!

This was created for a logo competition. The Edge, a monthy youth conference which is still ongoing held in my Church. There was a call to submit a logo design for the event and so I came out with this. The prize money is $100 and I hope to win it!

Here's another drawing I did.. I thought of Metal Gear Solid whne I drew this. Although I've never played the game, but I've seen the beautiful artworks. Cool~!

Last Week, I've signed up for the Basic Maya course in Egg Story Digital Arts School. It was a good experience. Its my first time stepping in an arts school and an animation studio. I saw many models the Egg Story's very own movie, the Kungfu Gecko and snippets of animation frames pasted here and there. It's so cool!

The class consist of 7-8 people, all of different ages. I think I'm one of the youngest. Although, I wasn't very intersted in 3D modeling, it was fun having to learn Maya for the first time.

The lecturer is a Korean! He's name is Bobby, Yoon Sung Jeong. We all called him Bobby. He's very nice and patient to guide us who are Maya idiots. All through out the lessons, he kept saying "Modeling is easy, yeah?" Haha.. I've 2 more lessons with him and I hope to learn more stuffs. You can view his portfolio here! => Yoon Sung

Recently, I've bought another 2 artbooks.. (Looking at them and drool...)
They are Katsuya Terada's Painterbon(link)..
Katsuyuki Terrada's Painterbon
... and a compilation of some of the rising Chinese young artists! I was thrilled to see so many beautiful artworks produce by the Chinese people..

For more information, please visit

Recently, Singapore's Chain bookstore is opening up for budding Animators and comic artists to come out with artworks for their upcoming youth portal, I sent my portfolio to them. I beleieve it will be a great experience and exposure for my Ah Mao project. Wish me all the best!

Sign up if you are interested! Check out the thread in SGCafe => link!

Keep drawing!

Warm Regards,
Joshua Tay
Concept Artist + Illustrator
Josh Laboratorie

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