Friday, September 26, 2008


I did this for about a week. I'm rather satisfied with the entire piece except for the gun though. I felt that I was too focus on the two characters that I haven't really put in more efforts into the gun.

Oh well..

Last Friday (19/09/08), was a fruitful day. I was supposed to meet up with Ben for some exhibition, The Singapore Bienalle, Zhang Jingna's Exhibition, "Something Beautiful" and a talk by Hollywood veteran animator, Roy Wilson, at The Lab, Youthopia. However, due to Ben's work commitments we could only met up for the talk.

Prior to meeting Ben, I went to the the Arts House for Jingna's gallery. I was the only visitor during that time. Jingna's PA was there. It was a beautiful environment, my first time visiting the place. The ambience was classy and I felt that the venue really suit Jingna's gallery which showcases High Fashion. Seeing her gallery makes me want to set up my own art gallery quickly too.

Ben and I met up for the talk. It was good to hear from Mr. Roy Wilson, a veteran animator in Hollywood, who's now retired. Listening to him helps me understand how the process of animation production works. There are a few things he mentioned, like budgeting and insurancing the productions; Mr. Wilson also shared how failure to complete a production would be costly. He shared of a one such incident during his time in Disney; whereby the crew had to book a seat just for the film and transport it all the way to another country so that they make it for the release date. The other guy from the destinated country simply had to wait for the plane to touch down so that he can collect the films. This goes to show how important it is to the production crew about meeting the schedule.

After the talk, Ben, who is well learned in arts history, shared with me that Mr. Wilson is actually the 2nd batch of the Hollywood animation pioneers. I guess it must be so, hearing from him how he gets to work with several top artis and animators like, Walt Disney himself! I was somewhat surprise to realize that although he is a veteran, he doesn't show any air at all. Mr. Wilson is very approachable. In fact, after the talk, he spent like 10-15 mins just talking to one person. Thinking back, I just recalled that the talk was delayed most probably due to us (Ben and I) being late, because as soon as we reached, someone mentioned that I have reached and they can begin the program. Oh dear.. Haha..


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