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A Tribute: One Piece manga reached 50th vol.

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Hi everyone,

How many of you have been reading One Piece manga? One Piece manga just reached its 50th vol.!! I find it incredible that the artist, Eiichiro Oda, managed to keep up with the pace of producing manga every few months with all that details and story boarding given into it.

I got really excited and decided to come out with this.. Its a tribute to Teacher Eiichiro Oda for accomplished such a feat.

Wiki says,
["One Piece, behind Kochikame and Dragon Ball, is the third highest selling manga in the history of Weekly Shōnen Jump. It is currently their most acclaimed and all-time third-best-selling title in Japan. The manga is the first to increase the sales of Weekly Shōnen Jump in eleven years. Volume 27 of One Piece holds a manga sales record in Japan, with 2,630,000 units sold in its first printing alone; as of volume 46, the series has sold over 140,000,000 copies domestically; and is the fastest manga to reach sales of 100,000,000."]

Personally, I feel that One Piece's anime is not as well done as its manga. I got to know One Piece through anime, but have since been reading the manga version. There are many reasons why anybody would like One Piece, for most of the readers, I believe its what One Piece speaks of.. Throughout the entire series, you'll sense that One Piece conveyed these messages:

1) If you will believe, you can surely do great things!

2) In the manga you'll also find this message lurking, and gradually it becomes more obvious: "Not one character is good in everything; even superheroes have their weakness, how much more us who are mere mortals."

For example,
a)Luffy, the Ship's Captain, invincible in combat, yet tend to burge into unnecessary trouble.
b)Zoro is a fantastic swordsman, but is idiotic in direction - He often went the wrong way.
c)Sanji is a terrific cook and skilled in Kungfu kicking, however, he tends to fall heads over heels to women easily.
d)Chopper is an excellent Doctor capable of curing any injuries, but tends to be very naive and slow to understand proper conversation.

3) One Piece speaks of trust in friendship, pain of betrayal, defend the weak, and honor those who fight for the good.

Wiki says,
["One Piece started as two one-shot stories entitled Romance Dawn—which would later be used as the title for One Piece's first chapter and volume. The two one-shots featured the character of Luffy, and included elements that would later appear in the main series. However, as a whole, they were very different from the final One Piece series. The first of these short stories was published in August 1996 in a special issue of Shōnen Jump and later in One Piece Red. The second was published in the 41st issue of Shōnen Jump in 1996 and reprinted 1998 in Oda's short story collection: Wanted!.

Eiichiro Oda originally planned One Piece to last five years and he had already planned out the ending, but he found himself enjoying the story too much to end it in that amount of time and now has no idea how long it will take to reach that point. Nevertheless, the author states, as of July 2007, that the ending will still be the one he had decided on from the beginning and he is committed to seeing it through to the end, no matter how many years it takes."]

Gambatte Teacher Eiichiro Oda! Please continue to bring us more thrilling and heart-warming moments of One Piece!


*Informations extracted from Wiki: Click!

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