Thursday, September 04, 2008

Guardians of Rice Padi.

Guardians of Rice Padi

This was initally done for Mangaka'08. The theme was "Band" - It can be a band of people or a band against another band. For this work, its a group of warriors guarding a rice mill against the Robots that came to steal.

Rice has special meaning for me. This artwork was also inspired by a Japanese anime called, Samurai 7.

This month I've bought 5 manga and a few artbooks and magazine, which is very unlike my usual spending.. Feeling a bit uneasy, but its part of my plan to mature as an artist. I think that for an artist to mature and grow, he needs to experience more, and to test out more of the styles so that he may judge for himself what he likes and what he doesn't.

The other day I was having supper at Subway with a ministry friend of mine, Zhen Hao. He's an architect. I think both of us believe in absorbing the creativity spirit and idea that comes out from the culture of that individual country. He encourages me to plan a trip to the land of the rising Sun, Japan. It's something I'm hoping to do so before I reached 30.

Life experience truly is very important to the artist. Just last month, another good friend of mine, Albert, shared something with me. He said that many people thought that they have lots life experience but actually what they do have are really mere life events. Passing through life are not life experience; they are simply life events. To accumulate life experience, you've to get your hands dirty and feet wet.=)


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