Sunday, August 31, 2008

Animating Self with Egg Story + *Scape

Opening Night: 7pm 4th September 2008
Exhibition Dates: 5th September to 26th October 2008
Exhibition Timing: 10am to 10pm Tuesdays to Sundays
*scape Youth Centre
The Lab
113 Somerset Road
Singapore 238165


Animating Self is an exhibition brought to you by *scape. The exhibit showcases Egg Story Digital Arts School's students' development of animation and their journey to become highly competent professionals in the industry. The highly anticipated works will be on display from the 4th September to the 26th October 2008 and the exhibition brings together 2 short animation stories by students of Egg Story Digital Arts School that were created during their 3 month long "Professional Practice". The works are conceived and produced entirely by the students with the professional guidance of the staff from Egg Story. The audience will have a firsthand opportunity to see professionally-guided, student-developed animation from its raw form to the finished product, breaking down the process of animation from its conception to completion.

During the 2 month exhibition, Egg Story Digital Arts School will bring together a series of lectures, aimed at sharing the school’s and production’s experience in digital animation training from a professional perspective. The speakers will share their knowledge in specific areas of expertise in animation production such as 3D Modeling, Character Animation, Concept Art, and Digital Visual Effects. Key speakers will include the founder and president of Egg Story Digital Arts School, Mr. Nickson Fong, Mr. Roy Wilson, and Ms. Lucy Petrovic. The talks will be conducted every Friday from the 5th of September to the 24th of October and is expected to draw a total participation of 640 students for the talks and 1500 youths for the exhibition from all across Singapore.

Furthermore, There will be an interactive activities aimed at giving the audience first-hand experience with the animation process and to assess their animation abilities, as well as a panel of faculty and industry experts to critique any current works that the audience may have. So the organisers really encourage all aspiring aritsts and animators to register and bring any of your current work that you may have for some professional advice.

The Synopsis was taken from here!

Check out the essential links below:
For the Public Lecture Series: Click Here!
About Egg Story Digital Arts School: Click Here!
About *scape: Click here!


Disclaimer: Josh Laboratorie is not in anyway related with Egg Story Digital Arts School or *scape.

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