Friday, July 04, 2008

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention Aftermath

Hello guys,

The time is 02:19AM. I'm at work; did some drawing, my back hurts, so thought of ranting a bit.

First off, STCC was awesome!(Sorry, I've no photos to show, coz the convention was too jam-packed with people! However, fret not! Check out Sonny's Livejournal for a glimsp! Click here! and here!) For the first time, I saw the IFS, Sonny Liew, Ken Foo and many other notable designers, particularly, Simone Legno of TokiDoki. You cannot imagine the crowd, its overwhelming! I went for the last day(Sunday) and was so thrilled by, well, everything! The booth of TokiDoki was so packed with fans with cameras and t-shirts which they bought to have Simone sign of it. You should have seen to queue. o_O!

Next stop, The Imaginary Friends Studio! With an event such as this; how could I miss taking a peek at the IFS? I was pacing around their booth watching Artgerm signing autographs, while Kunkkha and Kai stood watching. Although I wanted to go forward to say something, I don't know where to start. What should I say? "Gosh~ Kai, your paintings are so awesome!"? C'mon! (-_-)" However, I got to speak to Sonny. He's all smiling while painting something on the Mac. Haha..

Overall it was an enjoyable event, besides I was hanging around with my 'Sifu' Travis and Shawn!(Although, I lost them after I excuse myself to make a phone call. (><)!!...)

Oh, I also caught up at Zemotion & Noah's booth but they weren't there. Some ladies were selling their prints. For those of you who have absolutely no idea who Zemtion (aka Jingna) is. She is Singapore National Air-Rifle sportswoman; at the same time she is also an international professional artistc photographer. Check out her astounding shots here ^^

Noah, is another fantastic artist of whom I admire and look up to very much. (See here!) I was hoping that he might published an artbook, but there's only his prints. Hopefully, Noah will consider publish his very own indivdual artbook.

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008 was great! I hope that they will organise another and bigger convention next year. Hopefully, Micheal Lau will be here next year.

Enough talk, time to get back to my sketchbook. Meeting Ben for doodles tomorrow(or rather later) at 8:30AM. I'll be sleeping like a log after Friday.


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