Thursday, June 26, 2008

Enjoying the Moment...

Hello guys!

Here's some updates. Alright, I've been getting busy with a couple of projects that I've took up recently. It's getting more exciting than ever; although its only a small start.

Recently, I've caught up with a great guy who's willing to take much of his time mentoring me, particularly in my character concept: Ah Mao. He is Travis. Travis is the founder of Funics Production(Here!) and is currently the Creative Director. He is a veteran artist who had published his comics in several local newspapers. He has organise several competitions(e.g. ComixJam 2005 & 24hrs Comix blogging Competition), and exhibition events. More than just an artist, he is one who thinks. After spending much time conversing with him, I've learnt much about the industry, his views and philosophy. I really have to humbly admit that there are still many things to learn. Far too many. And that's what makes it even more exciting! ^^

Currently, I'm working out the concepts of Ah Mao. I hope to finalise the details, and start to work on the comics. For all the efforts he has put in me, I certainly want it to be an excellent work.

Secondly, after much searching for an art course related to Manga; I'm please to find M.A.G.E. art course(Click Here!). I'm seriously planning to have a more holistic and systematic approach to learn how to illustrate, particularly in my art fundamentals. As such I've decided to take up this course. =)

Third. Recently, I was approached by Yoseph, one of the heads of Attributes Illustration ministry. He asked if I'm still keen in joinging the ministry. I wanted to join last year when it just got started, however I didn't make it through. So to be approached by them again is really a delightful news! ^^ But with all the increase comittments I have and the upcoming projects; I do wonder if I can still afford the time. I must admit that there are benefits in joinging the AIM. With the open door, I can get to work with other artists in Church; my works may get to be published, not to forget, more reasons to keep pushing myself to draw rather than reading books! o_O!!!

More projects means more work to be done; more work means less sleep. I really don't mind; not even an ounce. Busily illustrating is a lovely thing. I simply love to draw.

There was once I read a blog of an incredible artist(Somehow can't recall his/her name.. hmm....), he mentioned that he drew so much that he's hand is shaking and can't hold the pencil any longer. As such he had to call for a break and delay his commission. Ouu... I love that kind of passion and diligence! Strive for excellence, work hard to create beautiful illustrations!

A few more other things to talk about.. I've finally bought Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and Bill Willingham's Fables!

The Kindly Ones (1996) is the ninth collection of issues in the DC Comics series, The Sandman. Written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Marc Hempel, Richard Case, D'Israeli, Teddy Kristiansen, Glyn Dillon, Charles Vess, Dean Ormston and Kevin Nowlan, coloured by Danny Vozzo, and lettered by Todd Klein.

You guys must be wondering why I didn't start from Volume 1. This is particularly because I've a weird habit of reading books from the back to the front to see if the story is as nice as it's been said.

I'm new to Neil Gaiman and the Sandman series. It is one of the weirdest and mind-boggling comics I've ever bought yet. I purchased 'The Sandman' not having the graphics in mind, but rather to see for myself how brilliant the scripts of Neil Gaiman could be. I've heard he does beautiful storytelling and indeed, its true. The lines are elegantly penned. The story though disturbing. Eversince 300, I've long been wanting to know more of graphics novelist with likes of Nel Gaiman, Frank Millar, etc. They are legends in the world of fantasy. ^^ Next stop, I hope to get my hands on Frank Millar's Sin City.

Next, its the Fables. I bought Fables Vol. 10: The Good prince. The genre of Fables is so much different from Neil Gaiman's. Savoring through the brilliant ink and penciling just makes me want to come back for more. Not to forget, the quality of the paper and prints is more than any comic fan could asked for. It is my intention to expose myself to the works of Fables along with The Sandman. I hope to see the difference and their unique "selling" points to the audience. Fables is really an epic. The artworks done by James Jean, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha are awesome! I'm begining to fall in love with them.

I hope to grabbed more of them to put them on my shelves very soon.

I had to edit this post to include another treasure I've gotten myself recently.

First Born by Top Cow is another kick arse!, cutting edge issue. It's illustrated by several artist, but most notably, Stjepan Sejic(Check out his profile here!). He is the up and coming, rising illustrator hailed from Croatia. He's only 27 and he's detailed artworks are breathetaking! Words aren't enough to describe his epic illustrations, check them out @

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