Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monsterism Series: Ceriron

Monsterism - Ceriron

Tools: 2B Pilot Mech. Pencil, Photoshop 7

"Deep in the forest of Salvana, lies some mystical beasts keeping watch of the forest. They have come to be known as "The Keepers of Salvana"."

The Story:
A chemcal disaster in 1986, left a quarter of the world's population contaminated with a strange disease. Many people were killed as a result of the Chemical contamination. Yet, not all of them perish in the disaster. Quite a number of them miraculously survived the tragedy.
Their good news were short lived,however, when they realize the price for being alive. They are as normal as other human being; but when the need arises, they evolved into magnificent war beasts!!

(Note: Story content subject to expansion and changes.)

Finally, one of the first CG-ed artwork after Mangaka 07. I still can't upload my Mangaka artworks yet due to their rules and regulation.

I had a great time drawing out the characters and CGing them for the competition. I've learnt a lot of things during this period and so eager to do more monsters artwork. I'm hoping to see more styles of beasts coming out too. :D Anyway, I enjoyed doing this and testing out the various colors. Honestly, I felt a huge lack in training of my fundamentals, but I'm currently working on that. :)

Hope you guys like it.

With warm regards,

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