Sunday, January 29, 2006

Complexity v. 2

Complexity v. 2

This is another version of the theme Complexity.

A closer view on the architectures. I took a different approach on the layout of the buildings. If you notice, roof of the skyscrapers are mostly rounded. I hope to give the entire city a feeling of a futuristic-city. As I was drwing this picture, I was thinking of the man-made island created by Japan. That island totally blew my mind away. I'm amaze at the technology and how Man is able to create such anarchitecture.Perhaps we will find more of this man-made islands in the future.

P.S.: I hope to do a coloured version soon.

Tools: Pilot Mech. Pencil, Ballpoint pen
Refernces: Nil

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Complexity v. 1

Complexity v. 1

Tools: Pilot Mech Pencil, Ballpoint pen
Reference: Nil

It's been so looooonnnnnnnggggg since I've posted up any art. Thanks to a great friend of mine, I finally have a scanner and can began to scan my drawings!!!

I'm trying to explore different ways of expressing the mountains and clouds to my liking. This is one of the first try; and amazingly I love the outcome. Feel free to advice me on how I can make it look better.

I love to draw detailed architecture. Although, this pic seems to be very detailed. I still have got alot to work in the perspectiveness. Thanks for taking your time viewing my art.

kyo83 =)
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