Sunday, December 11, 2005




Hi everyone,

I just want to thank the Funics team and co for the wonderful event. I manage to stay on throughout the event till the next day's presentation. I must say that as an amatuer artist I benifited from it lots!!

The rules of the competition is to stay throughout the 24 hours to create an 8pages comics strip. With a lead character from one of the race group(Huamns, elves, wizards or borg. I was being casted in the borg group.) in the Myth war, and a character created ourselves.

During the competition, I have the priviledge to view the art of China artist Song Yang, and the art of Myth War, the online game. Song Yang's digital painting were awesome. The women in his painting were very realistic and filled with feelings. During the competition, he also show us how he uses Wacom to draw a rough picture of a woman's face.

After the entire event I have a vivd understanding of what a comic artist is required to do. Research and creativity is essential throughout the process of making the comics, but passion and commitment towards it is even more essential.

I saw a number of participates quited in the middle of the night, around 2-3am. It's truly a test of endurance on the participants part. Moreover, we were not allowed to take even a short nap or to travel outside the competition venue. To make it worst, we were in an air-conditioned room, which makes the place very cold especially in the night.

However, I'm even more passionate for drawing after this event. I do hope that there will be more events like this which allows intereaction among aspiring artists.

Thanks guys!
Joshua =)

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